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Why should you choose Dragon Heating and Cooling Ltd? The answer to that question has been many years in the making and is now a part of our core business philosophy.

After many years in the building and facilities management sectors as engineers performing PPM and emergency repairs for many organisations, from housing agents and small businesses to factories and national government institutions as hands-on engineers.

With no sales targets or other agendas to meet, we always gave our honest and unbiased professional advice in terms of cost effectiveness and efficiency, as this advice was often passed through a chain of management to the customer, we often found that our advice was diluted or omitted entirely, as such we felt the customer wasn’t getting the best quality of service and as a consequence of this, was often paying for the maintenance and repair of an inefficient and often unreliable system.

We asked ourselves if we could do it better, and the answer is Yes!

We pride ourselves on providing a true preventative maintenance package as downtime is money wasted, and we will always give our honest advice aimed at saving you money and ensuring maximum operational uptime.

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